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“The Queen of Tears’ whole drama is on one side, and the last two episodes are on the other. Friends, let’s ban Indian dramas in korea and make sure korean writers are not watching them. It’s been heard that their soap serials are being watched there, and now the writers there are also being affected by indian dramas. Meaning, such a useless situation has been created in last two episodes that it’s mind-boggling. A small matter, the hero saved the heroine from drowning in childhood, is being repeated for the tenth time in the series, and then suddenly they gave a refresher in last episode again. Why so much detail? Then the villain did cross all the limits. First, he pushed the hero, then kidnapped the heroine. The hero escaped from the clutches of death and reached the heroine, meaning, what is this, friends? Then, on top of that, the hero’s ribs were broken organs were punctured still he some how managed to ran from hospital bed to rescue her, what a junior Hulk he was , what type of macho man he is.Heroin, she is just a joke, she was kidnapped was put in bed in her own house still couldnt manage to escape ? . The abductor was hit with a lamp by her, and still he chased her in couple of minutes. Then, she didn’t even get a way out of her own farmhouse, here again hero had to come to rescue her with broken ribs and punctured organs.Anyway somehow they ran away, they were running, they dodged the villian but even then villain still reached the road before them. Wow he was so quick witted. Now the situation became more ridiculous as Main lead are holding hands ,villain is in front of them, and the policemen are also standing behind. The heroine’s feet are stuck, and she won’t move until the end. The villain spoke dialogue like a world champion and fired a bullet. Believe me, the scene of the Tulsi shooting his own son in kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi was repeated here. One, the police were silent and motionless until the villain fired the bullet. And as soon as the bullet was fired, the hero came forward and took the bullet on his shoulder. Wow! What an opportunity the hero got to move forward! But heroin even looking at her possible murderer still didnt move a bit.what a joke Meaning, what enmity did she had with him? she let him took a bullet for her wow.
The heroine’s brother is like a donkey who needs to be searched with a lamp.
one’s wife betrayed him and came back, he didn’t even have a child with her , she left again, he was still waiting for her then she served her sentence and he again finally welcomed her ad got entangled again.
All this is nothing new for subcontinent drama lovers by the way. we are ditching such ridiculous plots and boring stories of Pak/ ind dramas to kdramas to watch some good content , what is this behavious koreans?

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