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آئی یو بھی دیگر تمام کے پاپ آئیڈلز کی طرح نہایت ملنسار اور با اخلاق لڑکی ہے اسکی کافی ایسی ویڈیوز دیکھی ہیں میں نے جہاں کوئی بھی عام انسان اپنا آپا کھو دے جیسے ایک کنسرٹ میں ایک پرستار نے پانی کی بوتل دے ماری جو اسکے چہرے پر لگی مگر اس کے چہرے سے مسکراہٹ جدا نہ ہوئی ایک اور جگہ یہ پرستاروں سے ملاقات کے درمیان ایک پرستار کی جانب ہاتھ بڑھاتی ہے اور وہ سمجھتا ہے کہ قلم واپس مانگ رہی ہے تو بےساختہ ہنسی اور پھر ہاتھ ملایا اور ایک جگہ اسکو پرستار نے کیک دیا تو اس نے کنسرٹ میں اسٹیج پر غلطی سے گرا دیا تو کافی شرمندہ ہوئی معافی مانگی اور تھوڑا سا کیک اٹھا کر چکھا بھی۔ تو ایسی ویڈیوز کو دیکھ کر لگتاآیی یو بہت دردمند دل رکھنے والی سادہ طبیعت انسان ہے مگر جب یہ ہنس نہیں رہی ہوتی تو ایکدم کڑخت چہرے والی خود پسند خردماغ لگتی ہے۔ بالکل ہوٹل ڈیل لونا جیسی۔ شائد اپنی کھنچی ہوئی آنکھوں کی وجہ سے۔


IU is a South Korean singer-songwriter, composer, and actress who debuted in 2008 under Kakao M (formerly LOEN Entertainment). She is now under EDAM Entertainment, which is her own independent label. She is one of the most popular and successful solo artists in Korea, with many hit songs, albums, and awards. She is also known for her acting roles in dramas and movies, such as Dream High, My Mister, and Persona. She has a large and loyal fan base, called Uaena, which means “You love me” in Korean. Her stage name, IU, is derived from the phrase “I and You”, symbolizing that people can become one through music

IU’s musical style is diverse and versatile, ranging from pop, R&B, soul, rock, folk, to jazz. She is praised for her clear and expressive vocals, as well as her songwriting and composing skills. She often writes and produces her own songs, drawing inspiration from her personal experiences, emotions, and stories. Some of her most famous songs include “Good Day”, “You and I”, “Palette”, “BBIBBI”, “Blueming”, and “Eight”. She has also collaborated with many other artists, such as G-Dragon, Suga, Park Myung Soo, and Zico. She has won numerous awards and accolades, such as the Golden Disc Awards, Melon Music Awards, Mnet Asian Music Awards, and Gaon Chart Music Awards. She is also recognized as one of the most influential and charitable celebrities in Korea, donating to various causes and organizations

IU is not only a talented singer, but also a versatile actress. She has appeared in many dramas and movies, showing her range and depth of acting. She made her acting debut in 2011 with the teen drama Dream High, where she played a shy and bullied student who dreams of becoming a singer. She then starred in other dramas, such as You Are the Best!, Pretty Man, The Producers, and Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo. She received critical acclaim for her role in My Mister, where she played a desperate office worker who forms a bond with an older man. She was nominated for Best Actress in Television at the 55th Baeksang Arts Awards for this role. She also starred in the anthology film series Persona, where she played four different characters with different personalities and stories. Her latest drama was Hotel del Luna, where she played the owner of a mysterious hotel for ghosts. She was also nominated for Best Actress at the Baeksang Arts Awards for this role

IU is a K-pop idol who has achieved great success and popularity in both music and acting. She is admired for her talent, creativity, and personality. She is also a role model for many young people who aspire to pursue their dreams. She is a true artist who expresses herself through music and acting, and connects with her fans through her sincerity and generosity.

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