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Nowadays two different channels are on airing two such characters which are playing by two very senior celebrities and we find their roles very cheap.They both are playing the roles of 

Immoral father in laws.In trying something new again we are having innovation of another 

Toxic character “Badzaban Sasur “,rather then any of a good one or comic one.We are seeing men using such insulting language towards female which ultimately became more pernicious.Two well known  and most serious actor of industry had selected such roles which will definitely leads to a trend and we are afraid of it.

Behroze Sabzwari as Mirza Sahab in Be Mol Wafa

In be-mol wafa Behroze Sabazwari is playing the role of Mirza Sahab.His character is of a very self centered person who for his rules can do anything either positive or negative.There is no

Saas in this drama but Mirza don’t left her absence felt. He is short tempered and using slang language frequently. This character is receiving many hate as he is behind all the negativity of the drama.

Waseem Abbas as Mehmood In Mere Apne

Waseem Abbas is playing a role of greedy and clever person with a bitter tongue. His character is very insensitive and keep on taunting every one.This character plan and plot according to his  desires and have no moral value.We find a backlash on this character on social media as well.

What audiance wants right now , if channels want to introduce new characters then try to launch some refreshing one’s which are showing positivity.

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