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Ptv ‘s Superhit Drama ……  


Two talented and much praised characters-Marvi & Laila

Marvi was a superhit drama broadcasted on PTV in 1993.It was beautifully written by Noor ul Huda Shah.

The two leading ladies of this drama Ghazal Siddiqui (born in 1974) and Mahnoor Baloch (born in 1970), left a strong impact on audience.

Here we are not going to discuss about Drama’s story but about these two beautiful ladies.Mahnoor Baloch is often praised for her younger look but no its even more better to say that she is always been criticized.So i think don’t judge people by their age , judge them by their work.

We want you to remind that not only beautiful Mahnoor Baloch but the adoreable Ghazal Siddiqui is also very fit and age is just a number for her.

She left showbiz and shifted to canada as her son was studying over there and as a mother she decided to brought him up with full attention.

Nowadays she is in touch with her fans via her Youtube channel in which she shares her personal fitness tips,decoration ideas,and simple home remedies on different skin and hair problems.

We must say that Don’t make it a Sin to look young and smart .Make it your Habbit and start SHINNING………….!

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سلام دوستو۔کیا آپ سب بھی کورین فین فکشن پڑھنے میں دلچسپی رکھتے ہیں؟ 

کیا خیال ہے اردو فین فکشن پڑھنا چاہیں گے؟ 

آج آپکو بتاتی ہوں پاکستانی فین فکشن کے بارے میں۔ نام ہے  

Desi Kimchi ..

دیسئ کمچی آٹھ لڑکیوں کی کہانی ہے جو کوریا میں تعلیم حاصل کرنے گئیں اور وہاں انہیں ہوا مزیدار تجربہ۔۔کوریا کی ثقافت اور بودوباش کا پاکستانی ماحول سے موازنہ اور کوریا کے سفر کی دلچسپ روداد

پڑھ کر بتائیے گا کیسا لگا۔ اگلی قسط کا لنک ہر قسط کے اختتام میں موجود یے۔۔

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