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Squid games.

One of the most entertaining action thriller.I just love this drama. Each episode has its own sensation you need to stick till the end to know whats going to happen next. every game was a surprise for us too. even the ending was unexpected. The intensity the choices they were given and what they chose was mind blowing. I was so so involved in this drama that I kept on thinking with them what choice they should have made in order to go through. People are cruel selfish, oppertunist and can decieve even their loved ones in order to fulfill their evil desires.

This drama is the true depiction of this world how we are living in this world how we are minding our own businesses, we never pay any heed to people’s sufferings , we take our loved ones forgranted and all we want is money. but money is not what we all need in our life. My own quote which I feel totally fits here..

give your opponent a knife, May be he couldnt stab you in your heart but will definitely poke you with knife. Competition makes people heartless.

Desikimchi ratings 5/5

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