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Ok right now I am watching this kdrama dont know why I am watching this genre ( rom com) all lovey dovey romance shit I just dont like this genre but yeah I am watching this and so far, I just dont know what the hell was going on in the writer’s mind.
I saw so many red flags in Yeon soo( heroin) character and I just dont know why she was portrayed as victim?
An arrogant rude bi**h who used to treat choi Ung as her pet dog. He was like a pet dog seriously no matter what yeon soo do he is just madly loving her whole heartedly. she dumped him he cried she came back he is just accepting her as he was fated to love her. She is a red flag yaar. what if she was poor and struggling with alot of financial issues this doesnt give her right to be arrogant and rude to a nice sweet boy who wants to be in her life at all cost.
secondly choi Ung why does he have no self respect? he after all the shit he faced due to heroin , is not going to accept a pure heart like MJ just why? she is just madly in love with him . she is the only one in whole drama who respects his personality. I saw that each and every character in the drama some how wanting Choi Ung to change each and every trait of his personality just why? some people are just like this. they are sweet they dont bother people they have their own world I see nothing wrong in being a lazy but a sweet and calm being. people like him are precious trust me. I must say MJ has a good eye for boys
lastly Ji ung why the hell a guy fell for a girl who was never ever sweet with him was never friend with him , she never bother to notice his presence even, ok he fell for her for any good reason but why he is suppressing his feelings for last 19 years and still at the same spot? learn to move on buddy? he knew he is just an extra for her still he had a huge crush on her still he somehow wanted to be fool by his feelings in his early thirties..
serioulsy its like all of them never ever grew up at all.
moral of the story
Quit on people please,for your own sake. learn to quit. people are not worth spending your life’s precious moments in regret of knowing someone in wrong timing.

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