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These days I feel so anxious because I coulnd find a kdrama that catches my heart except twinkling water melon. I feel like I am going to feel devastated after the finale of this drama. unfortunately 2023 was not that much good for kdrama fans. mjor issue I find in 2023 kdramas are repeated senerios slow plots and couples that didnt show good chemistry. I droped these dramas for following reasons.


hell slow and boring plot. Suzy bae dressing made me feel come someone wear too less clothes in snowfall and the way she kept on hovering around the male lead was totally illogical absurd and obviously cringy. She was just a psycho stalker who happened to be a beautiful woman. Just imagine male lead did this to any girl you will definetly call him villian stalker pervert etc but as she was woman she was the heroing of this socalled romantic drama.

Strong girl namsoon:

This drama is so absurd that its hard to continue watching this drama. strong woman do bong soon was very well written script. The lead chracters have their own personal traits good or bad, they have un doubtedly one of the best on screen chemistry moreover a apart from being strong do bong soon was naive and sweet heart character but i cant see any of these traits in namsoon. They made her super girl who not only have super strength also She can clearly see distant scenes, apart from they added new characters twisted the main character this show didnt even show new stunts by nam soon. mostly stunts are already performed by Do bong soon in season 1. moreover instead of rom com lovey dovey love triangle in this drama second lead is a ruthless villian which is decieved by nam soon. like she is flirting with him in order to catch him red handed which is obviously a absurd situtation for a viewer.

High cookie.

In first episode I thought this drama is about a supernatural entity but clearly its not. The story is about a new drug which is very popular among students. A young high school girl is supplying this drug to her school mates in the form of cookie. This girl has an older sister who is naive and lovely. One day she bumped into this cookie she wanted to eat it in her breakfast, her male coleague gave her noodles so she shared this cookie with the male coleague. This coleague behaved abnormaly after eating this cookie and was rushed to the hospital. This guy became addicted to the drug and went to her house for more supply of cookies. On many occasions in the story, her sister appears to be doing suspicious things, but the heroin does not have any doubts about it, which was kind of cringe moments for viewers. unnecessary suspense, slow paced story , Futile dramatic scenes made over all this so called suspense thriller a totally nonsense drama.

Cast away Diva.

A very interesting and dramatic start made me fell for this drama. A high school girl was some how stucked in a deserted island and spent over 16 years all alone.Before that She had a dream to become a pop idol, her high school friend helped her in making a music video to participate in a contest. She was selected she was excited for this oppertunity but also she was scared of her abusive father so she tried to escape from home with the help of her friend, Her father caught her on a boat where she helplessly jumped into ocean, her father jumped into ocean un order to save her but couldnt make it .This girl brutal fate made her bound to a deserted island. She was rescued by two brothers 18 years later and she started living with them.In more than 6 episode her constant struggle to recognise her high friend was instead of making curious made me feel cringe about this unnecessary dramatic situation.Finally she recognised that one of her rescuer is her high school friend who helped her in every situation. Here is the plot twist , both the guys have romantic feelings for her . she sang in a concert her life is getting better her high school crush is with her I dont know if there is something left in this plot to drag this drama to 8 more episodes. slow paced and predictable drama for me.

7 escape.

This drama was so interesting that it was hard for me to wait for a whole week for new episodes. In first half the story was so fast, too much things were happening, events were unfolded too quickly that I though this drama is going to be the best drama of the year 2023 but unfortunately after 6 episodes story took so many stupid turns that I lost my interest in it. The story revolves around a 18 year old high schoolar girl , she had a foster parents, a ruthless birth mother and alot of problems.moreover, which was falsely accused by her class mate. This class mate was pregnant and gave birth to a kid in her school. The main character helped her , in return she put all the blame on her. This girl faced so much problems that I feel cringe, unfortunately her sufferings didnt end at all she was brutally killed. Oh i was still into this show wanted to see how the karma is going to play its part in this drama then the sudden events made me quit this drama. The few characters that were on her side changed their stance now they are taking charge of a brutal revenge game. All the evil characters were invited to a party where they were drugged. After that they all went to a deserted island.The show turned into a survival series everyone was hallucinating , everyone is into killing they were all bound in that island which seems unrealistic, like how come a thriller turn into a fantasy horror though the ambions and graphics were aswome, it still was an absurd idea to turn a drama into a horror thriller. I feel bad for everyone waiting for its 2nd season good luck guys.

Secret playlist.

just tried to watch first episode and now quiting after 40 mins. A story of a female university student who is passionate about music , she has talent, has her own youtube channel bit popular among neitzens but still she is hiding her identity. Reason? her mother abandoned her and her father for her passion for music. so being a good daughter she is trying her level best not to hurt her father by not telling him about his passion.

she has a classfellow who is an idol. They have a past which wasnt revealed yet. Both are not in good terms.The idol aka hero is struglling in his career. He is not popular for his talent but for his face which is making him anxious for success. He wants to sing but seems like he has no future in music. The story was way too plain. Things were jusy happening and scenes were passing by. I wasnt even curious about their past. Its a very common senerio for kdramas when a idol is struggling and they met a talented person both make a team set their goals and achieve them together ofcourse they fell for each other too. so I am done with this drama too. P.S no offense this is totally what I feel my personal opinion I hope as a True kdrama lover you guys are going to enjoy do tell me how you guys feel about these dramas. chao

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